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Program Administrators

Dr. Walid Touma

Program Director
Assistant Professor, School of Business
Director, University Enterprise Office
Director, LAU MEPI TL Program
Ph.D., Computer Engineering, University of Texas at Austin, USA

Dr. Touma is a management and strategy consultant, with more than 25 years of experience in launching, building, acquiring and selling successful businesses and executing multimillion-dollar venture capital-backed projects in the areas of information technology and services, financial analysis systems, real estate, power generation, and manufacturing and trade. Currently, Dr. Touma sits on the boards of directors at several international and Lebanese corporations.
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Email: walid.touma@lau.edu.lb
Tel: +961 9 547262 ext. 2241/2242

Dr. Imad Salamey


Program Coordinator
Associate Professor of Political Science and International Affairs
Ph.D., Political Science, 2003, Wayne State University. U.S.A.

Imad Salamey is Associate Professor of Political Science and International Affairs at the Lebanese American University (LAU). He is the president of the Center for Arab Research and Development (CARD) and the Program Coordinator of Maxwell School of International Affairs’ Leaders for Democracy Fellows at LAU.  Salamey received his Ph.D. in Political Science from Wayne State University, USA. His research interests focus on topics of democratic transition, power sharing, Islamist movements, and governance. His current research analyzes the causes and consequences of Middle East and North Africa’s revolutions and subsequent governance prospects. Dr. Salamey has received, directed, and coordinated various research grants and projects sponsored by the U.S. Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI), U.S. Bureau of International Narcotic and Law Enforcement Affairs, the Brookings Institution. He is a consultant and advisor for various USAID, DFID, FCO, Norad, and European Union’s Democracy and Governance programs in the MENA region, covering areas such as the rule of law, democracy, election, human rights, defense, law enforcement, and legislative strengthening. Dr. Salamey has recently published his book The Politics and Government of Lebanon by Routledge.
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Email: imad.salamey@lau.edu.lb
Tel: +961 1 786456 ext. 1494

Dr. Nabelah Haraty


Program Manager
Assistant Professor of Oral Communication and English at LAU
B.A., 1978 English Literature, Lebanese University
M.L.A., 1994 University of Western Maryland USA
Ed. D. 2007 University of Brunel, England

Haraty’s publications and research are related to the field of oral communication and sociolinguistics. She has attended many workshops given by experts in the field. She has also given many workshops in her areas of expertise. She was in charge of the faculty development project, which was hosted by the Humanities Department in collaboration with the US Embassy. She has co-authored a textbook on teaching English as a second language which is used in many secondary high schools in Lebanon and the Arab world. In 2007, she was the recipient of LAU’s Best Teacher Award.She is an active member of the English Speaking Union and co-founder of TESOL Lebanon.Dr. Nabelah A. Haraty   co- ordinated the joint LAU and MEPI ‘s Young Women Leaders Program. She organized and gave workshops in Yemen, Kingdom of Bahrain and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on leadership qualities and team work. She  co -ordinated and organized in collaboration with the British Council a workshop with different schools on how to debate. This project involved her students who tutored high school students.
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Email: nharaty@lau.edu.lb
Tel: +961 1 786456 ext:1396

Dr. Raed Mohsen


Group Mentor
Dean of Students at the Lebanese American University, Beirut Campus
​Faculty member in the Communication Arts Department, LAU
Ph.D in Interpersonal and Public Communication, 1983, Bowling Green State University, Ohio

Dr. Raed Mohsen joined LAU in 1996 as a faculty member in the Communication Arts Department. He was appointed Dean of Students in Beirut in October 2010. He holds a Ph.D. in Interpersonal and Public Communication (1987), a Master of Arts in Political Science (Public Administration) (1984), and a Bachelor of Arts in Interpersonal and Public Communication (1983) from Bowling Green State University, Ohio, and a Master’s of Social Work (1996) from Gallaudet University, District of Columbia, where he also taught for seven years in the Department of Communication Arts. Dr. Mohsen is specialized in human communication and serves on the Board of Directors of the Learning Center for the Deaf, and is a co-founder and an honorary member of the Lebanese Association for Mediation and Conciliation.
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Email: rmohsen@lau.edu.lb
Tel: +961 1 786456 ext:1394

Ms. Rola A. Nader


Administrative Coordinator
Senior Executive Assistant, University Enterprise Office
Administrative Coordinator, LAU MEPI TL Program
B.S., Business Studies - Management, Lebanese American University, Lebanon

Ms. Nader has been with LAU since 1996, working as an Administrative Assistant in a variety of student affairs areas, such as; The Office of Admissions, Registrar, and The Office of the Vice President for Student Development and Enrollment Management. In 2004, she has joined the University Enterprise Office as Senior Executive Assistant. Since then, she has managed the administration, support systems and activities that facilitate the effective running of the tasks at hand, acting as a liasion with other administrative staff, academic faculty and students.

Email: rola.nader@lau.edu.lb
Tel: +961 9 547254 ext. 2242

Mr. Assem Abi Ali


Administrative Assistant
MA, International Affairs, Lebanese American University, Lebanon
B.A, Communication Arts emphasis Radio/TV/Film, Lebanese American University, Lebanon

Assem Abi Ali is an LAU graduate. He graduated with a BA in Communication Arts emphasis Radio/TV/Film and Journalism. Later, he joined to the Political Science major and received an MA in International Affairs. His interests are diversified from a strong activist and lobbyist during student university elections to a strong advocate of the environment. Recently he has been working as a freelance media consultant for prominent Lebanese politicians. As a young scholar he ventured into the field of writing a book. He wrote on “The Survival of Minorities in a Turbulant Environment: The Case of the Druze in the Arab Spring” ISBN 978-3-659-45040-2, which proposed a new theory in international affairs regarding survival strategies for minorities in chaotic environments. 

Email: assem.abiali@gmail.com

Ms. Nelly Awad


Administrative and Internship Coordinator
MA In Global Citizenship, Identities and Human Rights, University of Nottingham, England
B.A., Political Science and International Affairs, Lebanese American University, Lebanon

MA graduate in Global Citizenship, Identities and Human Rights from the University of Nottingham and the recipient of the Civil Society Leadership Award in 2013 from the Open Society Foundations. BA; Political Science and International Affairs from the Lebanese American University. Nelly previously worked as a Cultural Orientation Trainer on a deployment scheme with UNHCR as well as a long distance learning course on Human Rights between the Human Rights Law Center at the University of Nottingham and the Bahraini Human Rights Law Center. Nelly currently focuses her research particularly on children’s rights and her latest research explored the lived experiences of children in Syria prior to the conflict and their present experiences as refugees in Lebanon. Nelly used the experiences of Syrian child refugees as case study, and relied on the sociology of childhood as conceptual framework, her argument for analyses placed more emphasis on the social realities or specificities in which these children actually live so as to present more informed perspectives, and ultimately, solutions that best meet the needs of such children. 

Email: nelly.awad@lau.edu.lb
Tel: +961 1 786456 ext. 1396

Grant Administrators

Dr. Sonia Hajjar

Assistant Vice President, Budget and Grants Office
Grant Coordinator, LAU MEPI TL Program
Ph.D., Economics and Management, University of Liege in Belgium
M.B.A., American University of Beirut, Lebanon

Dr. Hajjar coordinates the development, implementation and monitoring of LAU’s budget with all university constituents. She is also responsible for the financial and administrative activities of all LAU research and academic grants, from the proposal stage to close-out.

Email: shajjar@lau.edu.lb
Tel: +961 1 786456 ext. 1430

Ms. Elsie Lahad


Senior Grants Officer, Budget and Grants Office
Assistant Grant Coordinator, LAU MEPI TL Program
B.A., Lebanese American University, Lebanon

Ms. Lahad is the senior budget analyst and assists with grants and university budget preparation and reporting. In her role at the LAU-MEPI TL Program, she assists the TL grant coordinator in budget tracking, preparation and reporting.

Email: elsie.lahad@lau.edu.lb
Tel: +961 1 786456 ext. 1335


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