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A Trip to Beiteddine Palace

On Sunday the 20th of October 2013 we went on a field trip to Beiteddine with Dr. Ramzi Haraty. As part of the Leaders for Democracy program, we went to the most important of all the many historical monuments in the area, Beiteddine palace. The thing which most caught my attention was the way that grand house was built with its excellent vivid ornamental art in the rooms that look out on to the large courtyard. The palace is also a summer retreat for the President of the Republic. We made a tour of all parts of the palace and I got to know its facilities (guest rooms and Turkish baths…) and the mosaic museum. After the tour ended we headed for Musa Castle which contains a collection of very old Lebanese furniture as well as a large collection of various old weapons.

BodyLDF26.jpg BodyLDF28.jpg

To be honest I was stunned by what I saw and I loved the idea that Musa lived by. He dedicated each room to something that happened to him and his family and his friends in school and portrayed his teacher who used to punish him by beating him with a cane… It was a beautiful day spent with the best of friends.

By: Ali Jaafari - Morocco

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