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The Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI) is located within the Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs at the U.S. Department of State in Washington, D.C. Its focus is on assisting efforts in the MENA region to:

  1. expand political participation
  2. strengthen civil society and the rule of law
  3. empower women and youth
  4. create educational opportunities
  5. foster economic reform

MEPI works with governmental and non-governmental organizations, the private sector, and academic institutions in support of these goals and has funded projects implemented by more than 250 organizations working for reform and change in the region.

For more information, visit the MEPI website.

Both MEPI and LAU are funding the Leaders for Democracy Fellowship program.



The Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs is the leading school of public administration and policy analysis in the United States.  Maxwell was the first school in the U.S. to offer a professional degree in public administration when founded in 1924, and it has a distinguished record of commitment to the public good by working with civil servants and civil society participants to improve their ability to analyze various public policy questions and identify solutions.  For over eighty years it has remained the leading institution in public administration - dedicated to educating professionals for public service.

The desire to translate theory into practice is one of the hallmarks of the over 150 full-time faculty members of the Maxwell School.  The world-class faculty, staff, and practitioners associated with the School have extensive experience with training, research, or consultant projects associated with their teaching and research.  The focus on identifying applicable solutions to complex, real-world situations allows Maxwell faculty to break the traditional academic/practitioner dichotomy:  Maxwell faculty fulfill both roles and empower the School to influence the transformation of public service.

What sets Maxwell apart—as a graduate school, research hub, and training facility—is an unusual combination of attention to ideas, values, and history with a pragmatic, participatory, results-oriented agenda.

Maxwell: Executive Education

The management and delivery of customized training programs and consultant projects is handled by the Executive Education Department.  Executive Education was established in 1964 to expand the ability of The Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs to design and implement programs across the U.S. and around the world.  For over four decades, Executive Education has coordinated and managed training programs for thousands of participants from all over the world.  Working with all departments within the Maxwell School, across Syracuse University and with our partners around the globe, Executive Education is able to leverage the expertise of faculty, practitioners, alumni and government officials for all areas of public service. 

Participants in Executive Education at the Maxwell School are leaders and managers drawn from various governments, non-governmental organizations and the private sector.  Executive Education is well-versed in the organization and delivery of customized executive development programs that address the challenges of managing in today’s rapidly changing operational environment.  With a principal training goal of providing outstanding educational opportunities for professionals, Executive Education delivers programs to those who wish to improve critical management skills and learn about the innovation, change, and reform occurring globally.  International training programs and partners currently focus on China, India, and the Middle East & North Africa.

For more information, please visit the school website. 

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