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General Elias Hanna

General Elias Hanna

Elias Hanna is a retired General in the Lebanese Army

Graduate of ACSC-USAF, Air War College, Staff College with distinction, equivalent to a Masters degree in Strategic Studies. Master Degree in International Affairs and Diplomacy from NDU-Lebanon. I’ve been all over the Arab World, and Europe Lecturing on SSR, SECURITY SECTOR REFORM-with UNDP- and on Geopolitical issues; lately in Abu Dhabi Lecturing on the Future of Warfare in the 21st Century along with Doctor Anthony Cordsman. I teach at AUB, NDU several courses, World Political Geography, Geopolitics, Causes of War, Lebanon and the ME, Introduction to Political Science, and a new course called the Laws of Disruption. I have my own TV show at MTV Station, on Geopolitics and current issues-more than 110 episodes- General View.

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