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Mr. Jawad Bou Ghanem

Mr. Jawad Bou Ghanem


With  around a decade of experience in working with civil society and NGOs, Jawad Bou Ghanem currently holds a senior position at the Association for Forests, Development and Conservation (AFDC), one of the most active Non-Governmental Organizations in Lebanon. With a mission to pursue community based conservation of natural resources for sustainable livelihoods of people, AFDC works in more than 20 Lebanese areas. Bou Ghanem joined AFDC as a volunteer in 1997, then climbed a hierarchy of several positions, through which he exercised different roles and responsibilities. He has senior experience in NGO management and is familiar with different international organizations that support Lebanon’s development and welfare. In 2009, he was assigned the role of leading the “National Campaign to Increase Lebanon’s Green Cover and Combat Forest Fires” that was implemented in partnership with 4 Lebanese Ministries (Environment, Agriculture, Interior and Information), where he proved high managerial abilities and leadership skills.  He also held the position of “Coordinator of Volunteers units” at AFDC, knowing that the organization incorporates 18 units with more than 600 active volunteers from different Lebanese areas, backgrounds and confessions. He was the president of the “Association for Youth Hostels and Environment”  (2011-2014), an organization that manages 3 youth hostels in Lebanon, with the mission to encourage sustainable tourism and strengthen youth participation in promoting good governance. Jawad Bou Ghanem holds a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration, and is currently working as AFDC’s “Community Development Officer”, where he strives to contribute to the national efforts towards sustainable development and conservation of natural resources.    

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