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2013 program

Ali Baccar

Ali Baccar

Program Date:

Sep - Dec 2013



I am Ali Baccar, a Tunisian national, born on 11/02/1987 in the city of Gabés where I took my primary and secondary education and received my baccalaureate certificate - mathematics - from “Abu Lubaba Al-Ansari” secondary institute in June 2006. In February 2007, I was assigned to the air force as a student in the Aviation School of Borj El-Amri. Over three years, I received a military formation and my knowledge culminating in a “higher technical” certificate in electricity generation, and a ranking of sergeant major in the Tunisian air force. After my graduation I was attached to the Tunisian Civil Aviation and Airports Authority (Djerba-Zarzis international airport) as a high technician in and electricity generation (tire wire). Then in 2010, I was transferred to Gabés Matmata international airport where I work as deputy for the head of the electricity and airport equipment division. In October 2011, I was integrated in to the authority. As for civil society work, I am a member of the UNESCO club in Chenini, the president of Development and Horizons Association and vice president of Gabés’ Green Network. As for my marital status, I am single.

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