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2013 program

Ali Belghit

Ali Belghit

Program Date:

Sep - Dec 2013




My name is Ali Belghit and I am a twenty-seven year old former law student from South Algeria. I began my law studies in 2010, which brought me to the capital of the country, Algiers to continue my studies in human rights law. After working in this field for one year I quit because the current situation in Algeria makes it very difficult for young democracy activists and human rights lawyers to operate. Consequently, I have decided to take a break for the time being.

In 2007, I actively participated in civic society as a volunteer in the Algerian Red Crescent, where I was responsible for the youth office. In 2010, I worked with Red Cross and Crescent around the world in the Tunisian refugee camps that were established as a result of the war in Libya.

In 2008, I joined AMNESTY international Algeria where I served as a local coordinator. Last year I was promoted to vice president of AMNESTY international for Algeria where I am in charge of reforms and governance. In addition, I participated in the International Council Meeting Berlin 2013.

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