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2013 program

Hassan Kareem

Hassan Kareem

Program Date:

Sep - Dec 2013



I am a young Egyptian whose father has passed away. I am a graduate of the college of sciences in the geophysics department of Cairo University - class of May 2012. I work for Elmashroua, the first reality TV program about business pioneering in the Middle East. I have more than 3 years’ professional experience in marketing and training and 5 years of general hands on experience. I have 7 years’ experience doing public work and volunteering in political and development organizations. An activist member of the New Wafd Party, I received the title of best volunteer in Egypt for 2009. I took part in the organization of the African Cup of Nations in Egypt in 2006 and the youth world cup in 2009. I carried out training in non governmental organizations for more than 1300 hours. I have a small enterprise and have been honored 4 times by receiving second place in Global Entrepreneurship Week, third place in Shell’s Intilaqah competition, third place in the business plan competition from the Arab Science and Technology Foundation and third place in the Injaz Egypt competition. I am married to the best woman in the world and I am waiting for the most beautiful baby in the world. I have so many initiatives, ambitions and dreams for Egypt, the Arab world and then for myself.

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