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2013 program

Mary Ebrahim

Mary Ebrahim

Program Date:

Sep - Dec 2013



I received my diploma in Middle East School of Sexual Abuse Related Pastoral Counseling, and obtained a license to work as a counselor from a school in Holland, MSARPAC, in October 2012. I participated in training in Reproductive Health in Developing Countries from Liverpool School of tropical Medicine in the UK in March 2012 where I received a diploma. Additionally, I participated in the Professional Fellows Program, for the Department of State, and completed a fellowship from Legacy International in public health and women’s health in the USA in May 2011.

Since June 2010 I have been working at Caritas in Egypt as specialist of sexual and reproductive health. I am also the coordinator for training and awareness building courses about sexual and reproductive health issues.

I participated in health awareness courses for adolescents and children at schools in South Sudan from August 2012 to September 2012 to raise awareness of sexual and reproductive health for students. These lessons focused on teaching the children ways to keep themselves safe from sexual predators and helped adolescent participants acquire knowledge about their health and sexuality.

“Because I’m a GIRL” is my initiative for adolescent girls to contribute to increasing awareness about reproductive health and sexuality, how to protect themselves from violence and ways to prevent the formation of harmful health habits. I started this initiative in October 2010 in an area called Imbaba for 260 girls. I am also in the process of preparing a booklet for teenage girls about Reproductive Health Rights. 

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