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2013 program

Marouan Blaiha

Marouan Blaiha

Program Date:

Sep - Dec 2013



I am a Moroccan national who was born in the city of Guelmim, South of Morocco on the 7th of August 1988. I hold a masters certificate in political science and constitutional law from Mohammed V University in Rabat, a license certificate from the same university and a baccalaureate from from Bab as-Sahraa secondary in Guelmim. With regard to professional experience, I have taken part in numerous field studies, including one in January 2013 on “The parliamentary elections: a comparative study of voter turnout”. I also took part in a study on “Youth reluctance to take part in political work” and a study concerning “forms of youth involvement in Moroccan political causes - using the 21st of February movement as an example” in July 2011. My last intellectual output was the field research I carried out for my masters on the values of political party elite in Morocco using the Unified Socialist Party as the object of my research. I am also a member of Mouvement de la Jeunesse Démocratique Progressiste, the youth wing of the Unified Socialist Party. Apart from that, I am involved in clubs and organizations concerned with human rights and changing politics such as the Dutch Alfred Mozer Foundation and the German Freidrech Ebert Foundation. As for the skills with which I am endowed, I summarize them as my interest in group work, organization and analysis.

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