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2013 program

Obaida Farajalla

Obaida Farajalla

Program Date:

Sep - Dec 2013



I was born in Kuwait on the 14th of April 1990 and am a Jordanian national. I spent my childhood in the city of Irbid in North Jordan then moved to Amman when I was 19. I began my life as a youth and development worker with the Higher Council for Youth. I became president of the administrative authority for the Irbid center in 2006 and continued my activities in various positions, the foremost of which were: media spokesperson for “Group of Young People Volunteering Jordan” in 2010; vice president of the Dialogue and Thought Club in 2010; a member and trainer in Makers of the Future Association 2011; president of the Creative Generation Association 2011; founder of the taxi of culture initiative in 2011; member of the administrative authority and media spokesperson for the “Union of Free Students” in 2011; a member of the administrative authority in Smow Center for Thought in 2012; a member of “Young Jordanians Human Rights Defenders” in 2012; a member of the Jordanian Youth Parliament in 2013; and general manager of Hikaya Center for civil society development in 2013; and the manager of Success Radio in 2013. I acquired a baccalaureate in public relations and media, College of Media - Yarmouk University - Jordan and a training diploma in economics and business management from “Kelley School of Business” college - Indiana University - USA.

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