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2015 program

Adel Abdelsadek

Adel Abdelsadek

Program Date:

Feb-March 2015




Adel Abd El Sadek is from Cairo, Egypt. He holds a Bachelor degree in Political Science and Economics from Cairo University, as well as Master’s Degree and a PHD from Cairo University. Adel worked as the chief director of the electronic page of the AL-Ahram (The Pyramids) Center for Political and Strategic Studies, and an editor in the Egyptian “Comments” Magazine and the “Cairo Report” Magazine’s electronic page. Adel holds the position of an expert in the “Pyramids” center; center for strategic and political studies and he is the chairman of the media studies. He is a member of the unit of Security and Strategy Studies, and the project manager of Arab Center Research on Cyberspace. In 2003 Adel helped in the establishment of the Internet Studies Unit. Adel designed the idea of establishing the Arab Center for Cyberspace Research in 2009, and in the initiation of the Arab Forum for Internet Governance in 2012. Adel has earned a lot of rewards and the mainly Sheikh Salem Al Ali Al –Sabah for Informatics in 2011 for having designed the best Arab Cultural Project for the Middle East. Won the Republic Book Award of Communication and Technology in 2010 on the subject of digital democracy and the political role of the Internet in the Arab world, he was also granted the United Nations Human Rights Award in 2007 for New Style of Political Participation blog. 

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