Lebanese American University


2015 program

Hamid Khalifi

Hamid Khalifi

Program Date:

Feb-March 2015



Hamid Khalifi is from Meknas City of Kingdom of Morocco attained a Doctorate in Technology and Engineering Sciences from the Mahmidiya School of Engineers at Mohamad the Fifth University located in Rabath and graduated in 2012. Hamid had a State Engineering degree and specialized in Media from the National Institute of Statistics and Applied Economics – Rabath. Hamad works as the head of the Youth Engineering Movement which is part of the Engineering Committee of People’s Movements’ Party in Maghreb. In addition he is the advisor of the Chairman of the Parallel Youth Government, and the president of the National Council of Youth Engineers’ Movement in Maghreb, and the State Engineer in the Labor Institute of Al Wazzan Province. Hamid was the regional administrator for the general population census in the AL-Wazzan province. He is the chairman of the preparatory committee of the Establishment Movement of youth engineers.

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