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2015 program

Mays Mahmoud

Mays Mahmoud

Program Date:

Feb-March 2015



Mays Mahmoud from Al Basra City of Iraq is a journalist and a media writer and an activist in the political and social field. She has a Bachelor degree in Sociology with a specialization in Micro-organism from the Sciences department of Al Basra University. Mais is a writer in the local newspaper of Basra “Al Basra Today” newspaper, and in the “Hope” Newspaper of Basra. Mays has worked as a member in the student council of the university, and the Al Basra Media Station. She was part in the Social Justice Conference. She was a reporter in the “Basra Post” newspaper as well as being an independent editor. Mays took part in many conferences and training workshops in the US and Iraq about women and MMedia and the development of leadership qualities. Lamis has a lot of volunteering experience with the non-governmental organizations and social centers in Iraq. 


Mays Mahmoud on BBC: Dunyana

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