Lebanese American University


2015 program

Hussein Ali Al-Sibagha

Hussein Ali Al-Sibagha

Program Date:

Feb-March 2015



Hussein Ali Al-Sibagha is from Kuwait , holding a Bachelor in Political Science and specialization assistance in Media Corporations from the Faculty of Social Sciences of University of Kuwait in 2010, and afterwards he completed his studies and obtained a Masters degree in Political Science from the Middle East University of Amman, Jordan in 2013. Hussein has worked as a political journalist in the department of youth in the “Koubs” newspaper and a journalist in the sports section in the “Newspaper” newspaper.  Nowadays, Hussein is the Administrative Coordinator and Political Researcher in the Ministry of Defense. Hussein is the founder of “Voice of Kuwait” magazine in Kuwait University, and the author if “The Elected Government, the Reality and Aspirations” 2013, where he delves in the idea of having Kuwait a total parliamentarian state , Hussein is the author of “The New World Order” 2014, which conveys the past policies and foreign policies of the last ten years for Iran, China, Russia, USA and the future of the next world order after becoming states competitors in leading the world. Hussein has been part of a diverse number of workshops and seminars specialized in media and communication in social and political topics.

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