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2015 program

Mahmoud Maharmeh

Mahmoud Maharmeh

Program Date:

Feb-March 2015



Mahmoud Maharmeh from the Kingdom of Jordan holds a Bachelor of Media Arts TV and diploma from the University of the Valley of the Nile in Sudan. He works as an editor and journalist delegate in the news department at the Radio and Television Corporation in addition to his work as a designer and presenter on Jordanian television, such as “seasons of good programs.” Mahmoud also works as media adviser in the Jordanian Ombudsman Bureau and also heads the Media Association of development and change, as well as his work as a consultant as a lecturer in public schools and the winner of numerous awards notably the Media Innovation Award, and the award for the elite in the creative and media excellence for the year 2014, moreover, he was awarded the BBC MEDIA Prize ACTION project in the European Union’s neighborhood. Mahmoud is a social activist and has participated in many conferences, courses, and workshops dealing with the media and the social field.

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