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Lina Alameddine

Lina Alameddine

Lina Alameddine is the Founding Director of the Partnership Center for Development & Democracy (PCDD), an advocacy and institutional development non-profit organization with operations in Lebanon and the greater Middle East region. She is a leader with over 17 years of experience in the promotion of democracy and in efforts to strengthen civil society in the Middle East. Ms. Alameddine has earned a track record of success through her work with local, regional and international organizations and agencies active in democracy and development in the region. During her six years with the National Democratic Institute (NDI), Ms. Alameddine as the Training Program Manager trained political leaders and practitioners from civil society organizations throughout the Arab world. As the Director of PCDD, Ms. Alameddine managed her staff to work with civil society organizations to design and manage advocacy campaigns, conduct organizational assessments, develop and implement outreach strategies and organizational strategic plans, build networks, train trainers and manage educational systems. Ms. Alameddine, a MEPI Alumnae, is a champion of women’s rights and has trained female political leaders and civil society practitioners throughout the Arab world to be more active in public life. Together with PCDD, she has established training programs and advocacy campaigns that have increased maternity pay and leave time for new mothers and was recognized by the World Justice Forum (2008) for her work to increase women’s access to health-related information. In each case, she has strengthened women’s capacity to exercise and expand their rights as citizens. Ms. Alameddine holds a Bachelor’s degree in Educational Sciences, a Master’s degree in Educational Administration and Training Systems and is currently finalizing her doctorate in Women Leadership titled ” Exploring Women’s Leadership in Schools: Lebanese Female Principals’ Leadership Practices in Public and Private Secondary Schools”.


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