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Ziad Abdel Samad

Ziad Abdel Samad

Ziad Abdel Samad is the Executive Director of the Arab NGO Network for Development (ANND), Based in Beirut, since 1999 ANND brings together 30 NGOs and 9 national networks from 10 Arab countries, active in the protection of social and economic rights. President of the Euro-Mediterranean NGO Platform, a network gathering 83 national and regional networks and organisations, Abdel Samad is engaged in many global and regional networks focusing in the Economic and Social public policies and targeting regional and global Institutions; such as the of Social Watch, an international network of citizen coalitions that monitors the implementation of the commitments made at the 1995 World Summit on Social Development in Copenhagen, and the coordination group of the Civil Partnership for Development Effectiveness (CPDE). He is also engaged with research institutions the Asia Pacific Research Network (APRN) and the Reality of Aid Network (RoA), and active in electoral reforms and monitoring at the national and regional levels, through the Arab Network for Electoral Reforms (ANDE) and the Civil Campaign for Electoral Reforms (CCER) in Lebanon.

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